Thursday, October 07, 2021

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Lovely update.....
As you can see Star and Litten seem to be happy around each other. They were even running around chasing each other this morning. They are such a pleasure they make us so happy. Thank you once again for our two beautiful girls. Litten is so loving she loves a fuss. X x x

In the Catwel Cardiff Charity Shop

3 hand reared babies. 

these kittens came in due to their mum being poisoned and sadly passing away. Their new foster mummy has been amazing and all are doing so well. x 


Meet our little hand reared baby Tom Kitten - He came in to Catwel at just 5 days old and needed feeding every 2 hours. Well this is all behind him now and he is doing so well take a look.

Our stunning pussycat Jason has gone to live with Milly the story beneath this story. Again we are thrilled. 

Milly the little feral that we trapped has been lucky enough to be fostered. We have had the best news that the foster's want to keep her. We are thrilled x 

Thank you so much to Gareth owner of Toptoys2u for building us a fab new display for us to use in our Catwel Cardiff Charity Shop - 17 Whitchurch Road Cardiff

We are delighted to announce that Lois our wonderful and very kind vets from the Amazing Cardiff Cat Clinic has chosen to run 100k to raise money for us. Please can you show your support and donate what you can afford. We at Catwel are so grateful x x x

Lois  says 

"I'm one of the vets at the Cardiff Cat Clinic and see the fantastic work Catwel do on a daily basis. They could not make such an impact to the lives of so many cats without donations and support".

Event details

Action Challenge Chilterns 100Km

100Km ultra marathon through the Chilterns and surrounding areas with 1,800m of ascent. To be completed within 24 hours. 

Event date

27-July-2019 08:00  -
28-July-2019 11:00

Event type

Running / Walking
Please use the link to make a donation - Thank you

Message from Margaret

 Margaret Harris, one of Catwel's founding Trustee's has decided that now at 88 years of age it is the right time for her to retire from the position of Chair of Trustees. It is very sad news but we are sure that it is a decision that has not been taken lightly. Margaret wishes to thank everybody for their help and support over many years. We all wish Margaret the very best for her retirement after devoting so many years to building the Charity and helping countless cats and kittens.

We thought you may like to see a lovely update of our own....

Catwel operate a non-euthanasia policy and will NEVER allow a 'healthy' cat to be put to sleep just because it doesn't have a home or a carer willing to provide medication.
As a result we have a number of 'Sponsor Cats' that are happily living out their lives with Catwel and are Sponsored by our extremely kind supporters for a small monthly donation. In return their Aunties and Uncle Sponsors receive bi-annual updates and Christmas and Valentines cards from the cats!
In the videos and pictures attached you can see our oldest Sponsor Cat 'Teddy' and our newest 'Jessie'.
Poor little Jessie was born while in Catwel care. He had very badly infected eyes from birth and we had to unfortunately open his eyes way before he was ready for us too in order to clear away the infection. He needed his eyes cleaned three times daily, along with eye cream and later antibiotics, so in his early days had a lot of attention that he didn't necessarily find enjoyable! As a result Jessie doesn't like being picked up (we think he is worried that we are going to put cream in his eyes again!).
Poor little boy has had two homes in his short life, he has been returned to Catwel from both of them as he was not a cutchy, cuddly boy and doesn't like being picked up. He is the type of cat that comes to you for fuss.
As you can see, he adores Teddy and has found his new feline friend and Sponsor Cat carer!
Teddy herself came to us as a feral cat and has been with us on our Sponsor Cat scheme for a number of years now. Her owners were very ill and unable to care for her any longer, so we have taken care of her and over the years she has become a very sweet natured cat.
Hope you enjoy the update!
Today we had a phone call from someone who said their Nan had died and had left 2 cats. He couldn't keep them as his daughter was allergic to them. He was fed up of trying rescues and needed them gone. He was asked how long before they needed to be taken in. His reply was they need to be gone in the next 30 mins as I am going to work. They were in his car one was loose and the other in a cat carrier. We asked for 5 mins to see if we could fit them in. When we phoned him back we told him we would help. We were afraid he was going to dump them somewhere. In fact he said that was what he was going to do. We often get threatened with they will be dumped or another favourite is they will be PTS. Often these are just threats but we truly believe this was exactly what he was going to do. He also said they were not neutered or spayed and that they had had 3 litters in 2 years and they were sold on facebook. They are so scared but are very sweet. They wouldn't stop shaking. Well they are safe now and we will get them a home where they are loved pets not a cash cow. Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE!!!! OWNER HAS BEEN BE FOUND. After putting flyers through doors we have found the owner. Thank you all so much. We can at least reunite this frail old cat with her owner. 
URGENT Appeal to find the owner of a very sick cat!!!
This emaciated cat has been found in Hedge in a garden in St Francis Road, Whitchurch, Cardiff CF14 1AW. The cat has a collar on but isn't microchipped. Does anyone recognise this cat? Contact us if you do please. Thank you x

Caught the first of the feral farm cats today. They are being trapped, neutered, de flea, de wormed, microchipped and returned. One poor boy needed a couple of teeth out. 14 more to catch

Catwel would like to say a huge thank you to Kath and Sue Williams for the amazing cards and calenders they have made exclusively for us. They are truly stunning. They are available for sale in The Catwel Cardiff Charity Shop, 17 Whitchurch Road.

The amazing Toptoys2u have donated yet another car load of Brand new toys to us. We will be having a toy sale in the shop real soon so be sure to pop in and get the kids Christmas presents/Stocking fillers.Thank you so much and we are so grateful. Be sure to check out their facebook page.

There is a book sale now on at our Catwel Shop.........

Well done to Alistair and Teresa Pattillo for raising a brilliant £347.00 for us at Catwel. They opened their garden to the public and all the cake and refreshment sales were donated to us. Thank you so much 

As many of you know we at Catwel have fantastic support from an amazing Toy supplier. The company is TopToys2u they have a brilliant Amazon online shop which sells all manner of toys, model cars, games etc......... They have donated so many brand new toys, games etc to us that we thought that the Catwel shop would have an event. The event will actually run for 3 weeks. Please put a note in your diary and be sure to visit the shop for an absolute bargain. Pictures will be placed on here when the window is full of all the lovely Brand New Merchandise.
24th July until the 17th August in the Catwel Cardiff Charity Shop - 17 Whitchurch Road, Cardiff 

Catwel's Blind Auction -13th May 2017 - 27th May 2017 Sealed bids - Highest Bidder wins the item/items. You will need to pop into the shop to fill out the bidding form with the LOT number, your name, address, contact telephone number and your bid amount - Then place into a locked/sealed box. You can also place the LOT number, your name, address, contact telephone number and your bid amount in a sealed envelope and post this through the shop door. At the end of the auction the highest bidder for each item wins. You will then be conatcted and asked to pop into the shop to pay and collect your item/items. All proceeds will help pay the vets bills, for food and litter etc 
please watch our page for a list of auctions items and the LOT numbers.....
Thank you

Well here is the video of the lovely Zoe Preece handing over the cheque for £2479.53 to us at Catwel. Thank you so much to Smudge's Charity Pet Show and Zoe for raising this fantastic sum for us. You are amazing along with all your lovely supporters. You have raised over £7000 in total for Catwel. We are so grateful. We love you. Give Smudge a big kiss from us all x x x x x x x

How Amazing!!!! What an fantastic amount Zoe and Smudge have raised again for us a Catwel. £2450 is totally awesome. We thank you for all your hard work. Please take a look at all the winners on  All the pictures are stunning. Thank you so much x x x x x x x

Catwel would like to wish all of our very kind Supporters and volunteers a very very Happy Christmas and Best wishes for the New Year!!

Thank you for your extremely kind donations and offers of help! It is so lovely to have so many wonderful and kind people, all concerned with looking after all of our special babies. Many of you have helped by contributing financially throughout the year, by donating much needed supplies via our Amazon wish list and donating food at our various collection bins located at Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsburys. Dropping off beds, scratch posts and nominating us to receive pallets of goods from Tesco, Zooplus and Pets at Home, not to mention those of you who have helped individually at fund raising and awareness events and even by adopting puss cats from us! We are so grateful to you all for ALL of your contributions and support. We could not continue to help these little cats without you. x X x

Thank you to Pets at Home/Support Adoption for Pets for the lovely day we had in their store on Saturday. Catwel thanks Zoe, Steph and Lucy for spending their time there for us. 

A few weeks back we had a very special young supporter Peter held a lemonade and cake sale for Catwel. He managed to raise £62.70. He asked what Catwel would like the money for and we asked for Catsan litter and kitten food. Peter and his sister Anna called in with Mum to deliver the supplies and say hello to some of the cats and kittens. We hope you enjoyed your visit? Thank you so much for your kindness, love from us all xx

A lovely story about Catwel was placed in the South Wales Echo on the 2 July. Take a look and read. Its really is nice and we remember the people and the lovely cat they adopted well. It should show all thinking about adopting it doesn't matter about colour it should all be about the cat. This article says 
"Name - Sophie,
Breed - black and white cat
Age - 2 years
Owner's name - Timothy Cross
Owners' story - We were absolutely devastated when our beloved cat Sally died. We thought she was irreplaceable and vowed we would never have a cat again.
But time heals all wounds. We missed having a cat around the house and began looking around to get another.
That is when we came across Catwel Cat rescue, and, after they did all their necessary checks on us to make sure that we were suitable cat owners, my Mum and I were invited to the Cattery in Radyr to choose a cat.
I was all set on having a grey and white one. But instead of us choosing a cat, a black and white one chose us and we had no choice but to take her home. We called her Sophie.
At the beginning she was a bit wary of us, which is understandable as she had been abandoned by her previous owners. When they moved house they apparently just left her to fend for herself.
So Sophie kept her distance from us and was cool and reserved. At first, we did not let her out into the garden because we were afraid that she would run away. She was great at finding hiding places around the house. But over the weeks she warmed to us and she and I have become the firmest of friends. She likes to sleep in her favourite chair and she oozes love and affection. She won't leave me alone and even follows me into the bathroom! Sophie loves meeting and greeting guests. When she demands your attention she is impossible to ignore. I thinks she could get an Olympic Medal for leaping up on to the highest cupboard in the kitchen and when I shine a torch light on the floor she chases after if manically. There is one word she won't allow us to say in front of her though and that is "VET". She always knows what is going on when we say that word and catching her to put her in the cat carrier is almost impossible. So the shy and reserved cat we once had has now taken over our home, and life has more colour when you have a black and white cat".

We would like to say a Huge thank you to Sarah Clarke and all the teachers, pupils and their families from Peterston Super Ely Primary School for donating goods and time by holding a Fundraising school fete for Catwel. An incredible £100 was raised.
Sarah Clarke phoned Catwel and asked us to help with a sick looking cat that had been hanging around the school for sometime. This little cat had become quite a celebrity with the c...hildren. We were more than happy to help. Sarah took the cat to the amazing Cardiff Cat Clinic where she was found to have a tumour on the side of her face. This was operated on straight away and the vets kept her in for over a week for us. Well her transformation has been amazing and she now lives with Sarah and her family. Every day the pupils ask how she is doing.
Here are the before and after pictures of "Mittens" along with the lovely card made by the children. Thank you all so much and our love to Mittens. x x x

Massive thanks to  for all 3 pallets of items they kindly donated to Catwel. We are very grateful to a wonderful supporter who nominated us to them. Hannah you are a star. Here is the link their fantastic online shop that we at Catwel have always used and recommended for years
Thank you for the litter, food, litter trays, scratch posts, and loads more. x x

Massive thank you again to Top Toys 2 u. This wonderful company has donated yet more brand new toys,watches,dvd etc to Catwel for us to sell in our Catwel Cardiff Charity Shop - 17 Whitchurch Road - Cardiff. Thank you so much x x Please checkout their fantastic shop on Amazon. Here is their link

Catwel would like to say huge thank you to Tesco for all the litter they kindly donated to us. Many thanks its really appreciated x x

Take a look at all these Brand New toys, designer clothes/bags, cat/kitten and dog accessories, playstation games, books, baby accessories and so much more that were donated today by a brilliant company called Top Toys 2 U for our shop to sell 17 Whitchurch Road - Cardiff. Catwel wish to express their immense gratitude. This is such a kind gesture and we want to thank you so much for choosing to support Catwel. x x Here is the link to their amazing online shop...

We have just picked up this sweet cat from the vets (The Cardiff Cat Clinic). She now has been totally shaved and has had her dental. The lovely people who were feeding her (Kathy & John) have sent me a picture of how the little girl was living by their front door. They also tell me they had named her Hope so we will stick with this name. Hope is not a a tortie as we first thought but black and white. She already feels so much better as her fur was so matted by her bottom it was actually preventing her going to the toilet properly and was also stopping her from standing up fully on her back end. Goodness knows how long she has been in this state. Onward and upward for this little girl now. Here are some pictures of before (living in the box) and now all shaved. x x x

Please check out the link to see Zoe handing the cheque to Catwel for all the money that Smudge's Charity pet Show on facebook raised. Zoe says "Here it is the video. The ladies were so pleased and it really made me so happy with what we have achieved. Over 3 shows which in 13 months we all managed to help raise in total £4475. Thank you all so much for all your support. I really wish I could meet you all in person to thank you personally x x"
Catwel think Zoe and Smudge are superstars. We would like to say a thank you to all the people who supported, donated, sponsored and judged Smudges's Charity Pet Show. x

That Smudge and Zoe have been at it again, raising money for us at Catwel. This is Smudge's 3rd Charity Pet show and yet again it has been fantastic. We would like to thank Smudge, Zoe and all the lovely supporters. The amount raised was.......

Here are some of the winners

Please note this is just a few. To see all the gorgeous pictures follow this link:-