Tuesday, May 05, 2015


If you have read.. 'In our News' articles on this blog spot you will remember Zoe's 'Smudges-Charity-Pet-Show'. Zoe did an amazing job with her cat Smudge raising  £1235 for us here at Catwel with a online pet show on Facebook. Well just to say Zoe and Smudge are off again raising funds for Catwel and 4 other charities that are very close to their hearts. Please donate to these great causes.To help us all to do this:
*Send £1 (us $2, EU  €1.30) via family and friends via paypal to smudgeboy2012@gmail.com and put in the paypal comments 5 CHARITIES and your name
*Then open this link and like Smudge's online charity show page
https://m.facebook.com/pages/Smudges-Charity-Pet-Show/342283875944669.The £1 will be divided between each charity. As a thank you for helping all the charities you will get 1 free entry when you send in 1 paid entry into our next Online Charity Pet show which will be starting in June and will be raising money for a cat rescue centre. There will be loads of prizes, rosettes and certificates to win. Thank you

Watch this space for more updates on the second pet-show that Zoe and Smudge are running...


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