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Smudge's 2nd Charity Pet Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You so so much Zoe Preece - Catwel are very grateful for all the hard work you and Smudge have put into the show. It truly is an amazing amount that you have raised. You can hold your head up high knowing that through your dedication your money will help so many cats/kittens that are in our care. We love you and Smudge loads x x

Welcome to Smudge's 2nd Charity Pet Show

Well this is it!!!! Smudges Charity Pet show is now open. So get your entries in!!! Lets make this show a resounding success. 

Here is how to enter the show 


The charity I am raising money for is a charity close to my heart called Catwel in Cardiff (Registered charity no. 1086255 here is there Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Catwel-Cardiff-Cat-Charity/564200753613962?ref=ts&fref=ts ). They are a cat rescue centre and they do great work. They also have a sponsor cat section where they have cats that cannot be homed because of health issues so you can imagine what there vet bills are like.
So I would love to see loads of entries from people to help raise loads of money for this lovely charity. If you don't want to enter but you would like to donate it would be greatly appreciated you can do this by sending payment via Paypal to smudgeboy2012@gmail.com
To enter it costs £1 per photo (US is $2.0 per photo, Euros is 1.50 per photo others available to). You can enter as many photos as you want. Please send the payment to smudgeboy2012@gmail.com or I will accept cheques, bank transfers and postal orders providing they are sent 10 days before the end date but please send the page a message before you do this so I can advise who to make the payment payable to.
If you use Paypal please make sure you send the donation via Friends & Family. This is very important because paypal charges a fee and I want all the entry fees to go to the charity.
Here is a list of all the classes. Please note classes 4 to 15 are for any pets:
Class 1 - Most Adorable Cat
Class 2 - Most Adorable Dog
Class 3 - Most Adorable Other Pet
Class 4 – Favourite photo
Class 5 – Best Trick (This can be a photo with a video)
Class 6 - Best Spring or Summer Photo
Class 7 – Biggest achievement For The Pet (you can put a story with this one)
Class 8 – Mr Men & Little Miss Likes (you will get a free entry into this class when you 3 photo's or more. This class is a bit of fun and you have to choose a character from Mr Men & Little Miss that is your pet to a tea)
Class 9 – Take Me Home Eyes
Class 10 – Most Love and Lost
Class 11 – Best Creativity Photo (This can be anything from a collage to editing your picture for example adding a hat or something to your pet)
Class 12 – Frantic fun
Class 13 – Beautiful Features (please mention what is the best feature about your pet for example Smudge's is his Christmas Tree Nose)
Class 14 – Curious Pet
Class 15 – Hilarious photo
For all the classes there will be 1st to 10th places rosettes for 1st to 6th and Certificates for 7th to 10th for the winners. Prizes for 1st to 3rd will be announced at a later date.
There is also some specials which will be decided during the show. One thing for certain there is a Most Likes special.
There is also the best rosettes out of the whole lot and they are:
Best In Show and Reserve Best In Show these will be decided on the best pet throughout the whole show which I know will be very hard to choose. There will also be prizes for these and will be announced very shortly.
The show will start on 1st June 2015 and will end on the 14th Aug 2015.Results will be on 16th August 2015.
Please send your entries via Message to Page or Email (smudgeboy2012@gmail.com) along with the name of the class you want to enter and also the name of your pet and age. Please do not post on the wall as I may miss photos.
Once I have received payment I will upload the photos to the class albums.
Single images for all classes only please.
The judge's choice is final. Please also only enter photos that you have either taken yourself or have had permission to use.
Postage: To make it fair I would like to say all winners in and outside the UK who win it will be compulsory to pay for the postage because these will cost and I will send you the price for the postage. I want to give 100% raised to charity. I really hope you understand appreciate why I have put this as we all want to do the best for the charity.
Thank you for reading and I look forward to seeing all your entries.
Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
Many thanks
Zoe and Smudge
x x

Zoe and Smudge are steaming ahead with their second charity pet show. 


Zoe writes....

Hi all and welcome to Smudges 2nd Charity Pet Show page. This is the second show I'm doing and I hope to do many more so please help and lets all make this a success.
The charity I am raising money for is a charity close to my heart called Catwel in Cardiff (here is there Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Catwel-Cardiff-Cat-Charity/564200753613962?ref=ts&fref=ts ). They are a cat rescue centre and they do great work. They also have a sponsor cat section where theyhave cats that cannot be homed because of health issues so you can imagine what there vet bills are like.
So in order to make this a big success and raise loads of money I'm looking for Sponsors for the classes and Prize donations. If anyone is interested and would like to sponsor a class the price is £10 per class and you will also get a free entry into one of the other classes and a thank you gift. There are  15 classes and I just have a few left to sponsor so if you are interested in helping and having a go at judging then please send me a PM and I will send you the classes that are left. You can send the payment via paypal to smudgeboy2012@gmail.com (please use send by family and friends) if you are unable to send via paypal please send me an email to smudgeboy2012@gmail.com

Also Zoe and Smudge are Still looking for sponsors to get this show going if anyone would like to help they can. You can judge the class if you wish or if not that is not a problem. If you are interested please just contact Zoe via https://www.facebook.com/pages/Smudges-Charity-Pet-Show/342283875944669?fref=nf   if you are interested. Zoe doesn't have many classes left but it be great if she can get them sponsored so then she can give you more details about the show and the exciting classes


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